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What Makes OldTown Abbey different?

I am often asked this and I have to respond that it is a commitment to the contemplative path and deep, authentic relationships.

When we commit to the contemplative path, we are called to spaciousness and presence rather than rushing and productivity. We want our faith journey to be low and slow – as my friend George likes to say – learning to see Papa God’s presence in all things / circumstances.

We choose a simpler life in the midst of an abundance of riches, rejecting the pervasive consumer message. We want to truly know what is ENOUGH and when it is….ENOUGH. ‘Detachment’ and ‘openhandedness’ are concepts we wrestle with and move toward so that we may integrate them into our practices and ultimately have them expressed through us as naturally as breathing.

When we are sold out to genuine relationships, we are opening ourselves to be inconvenienced. Many today long for authentic relationships but aren't willing to put the time, energy and effort it takes into them. We inconvenience ourselves to know each other, to be interruptible, to care for each other spiritually, emotionally and practically. At least, that is my hope for us...

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